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Birthdate:Feb 24
I'm an indie author, writing speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes etc), and also a polyam dramatic romance. I write a lot of crossing genres (one has dragons and spaceships, another is cyberpunk with magic and elves, things like that) and I'm trying to make something of that.

I also write fanfiction, and at the moment I'm working on an epic Karen Page/Frank Castle fanfic called Track Marks on AO3. I've also been writing some Twelfth Doctor/Clara Oswald, and I recently watched Venom so that... that might happen too, not sure yet. My fandoms tend to be pretty random with a smattering of things here and there. I'm trying to make a go of my original work, so dedicating too much time to fandom isn't really ideal.

In fandoms I tend to end up going for het pairings more than slash these days, but I think that's because most of the most popular slash pairings aren't up my alley so much. I used to be a biiiig Jack/Ianto fangirl back in the day, though.

I'm pro-ship, anti-censorship. I'm queer, chronically ill (ME/CFS), kinky and I love taboo ships, too. I was a Wincester, way back when, and I love Richieseth and assorted others. Basically, I'm a fandom old(er) and I believe in YKINMKATO and just scrolling past squicks.

If you don't like those things, that's fine! Just don't friend me, and shoo, shoo. That's no problem to me :)

It's been so long since I used a journal-like site (I used to have LJ, back in the day), I barely remember what one posts on it. I might start posting drabbles related to my original content, maybe, and links to fic chapters as I post. Mostly I'd like to have a circle of people on my reading page and generally feel like I'm included in the world again! ♥

I post NSFW sometimes, so be aware of that. I'll age restrict anything 18+ though! If you add me, I'll add you back, and we'll see how it goes :)
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